In this series I use cardboard packaging to create drawings on paper and card. 


Scavenging from my household recycling bin, I open up boxes that once contained toothpaste, teabags, soap etc. I then use pencil to draw around them and add colour to emphasis space, with the white creating a zone of tension inside and in between the colours. In the larger drawings on paper, I use colour pencil and in the smaller pieces on card I use schoolroom poster paint. The different materials used create different textures – the pencil light and open and the paint thick and dense. 


The spaces thus created resemble floor plans for buildings, or the outlines of strange objects that have been removed from the scene. Our recycling bins help us to feel that we are doing something to save the planet, but how much of that belief is actually an illusion? Why do we buy so much stuff? How much of what we throw in our bins is actually recycled? Why is so much packaging produced in the first place? Like the phantom houses and objects in these drawings, the reality may not be quite what it seems.