My work is about home and belonging. My practice celebrates the interior, feminine world of domestic crafts. I use stitch and embroidery, and cut and paste, together with drawing and painting to create a profound and playful body of work with a deeply autobiographical yet universal narrative.

In response both to a lifetime of moving, I recently began to cut and hand stitch shapes from discarded and repurposed clothing found and gifted to me in a variety of locations, to form patchwork collages. Like maps, they combine material evidence from my present, and memories of the past.

Homilies and platitudes are common in historical domestic embroidery. I record unexpected pearls of wisdom received from the people I encounter in my daily life by embroidering the words onto fabric. I then transpose the domestic irony contained in these embroideries into decorative drawings and paintings that combine hand-drawn lettering with images of furniture and flowers.

Further drawings investigate the notion of a perfect home. Using images culled from interiors magazines and my own family photographs, these ensemble images are a playful, absurd commentary on our domestic aspirations.